An award-winning journalist and strategic content writing consultant, I specialize in writing, primarily, digital content your readers are searching for and will keep them coming back for more. I provide my editorial content writing services to thriving financial services brandsdigital and content marketing agencies, and high-growth small companies.

I also still do some traditional journalism work for select national media outlets and trade publications. I’m contracted to write both B2C and B2B content and produce both within my niches skillfully.

My Specialized Domain Expertise

As these clips show, I maintain domain expertise in commercial and personal finance, business and property insurance, residential real estate, and business operations and development. I also write about employee experience, diversity & inclusion, corporate communications strategy, careers, travel, and some upscale lifestyle content.

Moreover, I’m adept at corporate and digital communications strategy and can help your organization create written content that fits seamlessly into your content marketing plan.

Accordingly, below are my most recent editorial content, trade publication, association, travel copywriting and journalism clips. I have categorized or clearly identified them, so there is no misrepresentation or confusion about the clients or organizations for which I produced the content.

All these clips are fewer than three years old and show the improvement in my writing style since I began producing them in early 2015 when I returned to writing full-time. They give you an overview of what I’ve written professionally in recent months, too. That way, you can quickly determine what kind of content writing work I can do for your organization or publication.

My Extensive Digital Communications Background

My previous work will show you the writing I did from the late 1990s through 2011. Also relevant is my work between late 2011 and early 2015, when I ran small digital marketing agency that created websites and conducted digital marketing strategy. I bring that expertise to my work as a strategic content writing consultant.

Please review these clips, which are organized by client type in reverse chronological order. I’ve also created categories to make it easier for you to see only the work type, subject or client you want to review in each section.

Let’s Work Together

After reviewing my work, you can see my resume, and services to see how I can most effectively partner with you to achieve your content marketing or editorial objectives.

Then, feel free to reach out to me about your journalism assignment or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory call to discuss your corporate communications needs, digital messaging strategy or content writing project.* You can learn about what to expect during that call by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you.

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Luxury Travel Copywriting

Enterprise Content

(B2B content for large institutional or enterprise-level brands or companies targeting them.)

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Trade Publications

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Media Outlets

Business and Personal Finance

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Health and Lifestyle

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Editorial Content for Brands and Associations

Personal Finance and Residential Real Estate

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Small Business and Technology

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Commercial Real Estate and Law Firm Business

  • Capital Ideas is the news blog of the Legal Marketing Association Capital Chapter to which I contributed as an association and Communications Committee member.
  • Use Natural Stone is the consumer and industry information blog for the MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute, a 1900-member association of natural stone industry professionals and companies.

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Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness

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General News

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Luxury Travel Copywriting Services

I also provide copywriting services and am most passionate about writing travel copy for the upscale and luxury hotel and vacation rental industry. Here are several clips of original content I wrote for the travel website as part of an updating and writing project I completed for the venerable website:

I’ve added these clips with permission of my then-editor at, and she’s happy to vouch for my abilities and work ethic (as my other editors will). Please reach out to me about your upscale and luxury travel copywriting projects as well. 

(* I reserve the right to decline any project of any type for any reason at any time without any explanation.)