Sixteen—the number of times each day the average American participates in a word-of-mouth conversation about an experience—positive or negative—with a brand, organization, product or service.”Adapted from Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Social messaging that drives stakeholder engagement and achieves strategic business outcomes is not just about masterfully-written content. It also requires original, audience-focused compelling, trustworthy well-designed social content.

It’s essential those messages get deployed using a carefully planned digital communications strategy that puts your content where you influencers live. It’s a dialogue across social platforms, not a monologue and it engenders trust between your brand and your audiences that translates to positive word-of-mouth offline.

My mission is to add immediate value to your thriving—high growth or established—financial services sector enterprise with my creative digital communications strategy. Beginning with business coaching on BBS, Compuserve, AOL and executing commercially successful online email marketing and publicity, my experience in digital marketing goes back almost as long as it’s been “a thing” or long before it got called “social media.” It’s always been a dialogue, not a monology and based on the audience’s needs for—whatever.

Helping you achieve the communications goals and objectives your enterprise establishes and make your content communications programs thrive as your business does is why I launched Thrive Content. I’m passionate about supporting brand engagement acceleration and increasing brand value to your target audiences.

A professional corporate communicator, digital messaging advisor and strategic content writing consultant with an award-winning business journalism background, I’m “bilingual.”

I speak both business communications and marketing well and can collaborate effectively with communicators and marketers inside of your organization. Let’s talk today about how I can integrate easily into your corporate communications team to provide robust consulting support.