Privacy Policy respects your privacy and therefore does whatever reasonable and possible within the boundaries of technology and law to protect that privacy. The text below is meant to inform you about its privacy policy. It pertains to, which is operated by Thrive Content, Inc., a division of Thrive Media, Inc., the website’s owner, which all may be referred to as “the website.”

Links to External Websites

The website may contain links to third party websites. If you follow these links, you may leave the website. However, Thrive Media, Inc. does not support any third-party websites and is not liable for the content or the privacy measures of these websites either.

Type of Information That is Collected

This privacy statement applies to personal data. Personal data are data that enable personal identification. The website uses these data exclusively internally to provide services and to map interests. Your data will not be sold or sent to third parties unless you have consented to that being done.

To get access to particular content or services like email lists or content downloads, you may be asked to provide specific personal data. The personal data to be provided for these purposes may include your name, business name, address, telephone number and email address.

Use of Data

The website uses and stores your data and data for its email list subscriptions, and content downloads your request and may use third-party services to collect and store that information. The website may use this stored information to inform you about activities by and making other offers by

Your data will not be provided to third parties unless this is required for the execution of your content request or under statutory regulations. If you reside in the United States, we may be required to provide any information collected here or provided by you for any legal process, including law enforcement. We will tell you if we are allowed by statute but will carefully vet any requests we receive and challenge those that contain gag orders or similar requirements.

Requests or demands from individuals, entities or organizations outside the United States must be rendered under the laws of the United States and by order of a Wyoming court of proper jurisdiction.

You may opt-out of or unsubscribe from any email subscription lists related to this site at any time.


The website may use cookies that the browser stores on your computer. Cookies are employed in the order process to store information about your content requests. Also, information is stored here (like the settings of your computer and the preferences indicated by you) to facilitate your next visit to the website and to improve its services.

This information does not contain any name or address data or other personal data. You can set up your browser so you do not receive any cookies during your visit to the website. However, that may disable functionality or options on the website or you may not have access to parts of the site.

Protection of Data

Thrive Media, Inc. will use all reasonable strategies to protect the data that you provide to the website with due care to prevent unauthorized access or publication. However, Thrive Media, Inc. cannot guarantee that no other party will access your data through illegal or fraudulent methods and accepts no liability in cases where that has occurred. Thrive Media, Inc. will cooperate with authorities in those cases but reserves the right to do so under the advice of its legal counsel.

Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes. You can find the changes and the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy on this page.

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